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Me Sébastien Jalbert
Me Sébastien Jalbert


Born in Quebec City, Me Sébastien Jalbert studied law at Laval University in Quebec City and became a member of the Quebec Bar Association in 2012. He also holds a graduate diploma in business law from Laval University and a certificate in justice from Harvard University. 


Following his call to the Bar, he has practiced law in law firm well-known in the Quebec City area. 


Energetic and motivated, Me Jalbert is a rigorous and dedicated lawyer. He practices in the fields of civil law, business law, and administrative law and has at heart to represent his clients' best interests by providing them with customized advice that are fully adapted to each and everyone of them's reality.


Furthermore, the diversity of the legal problems to which Me Jalbert is confronted on a daily basis makes him an efficient and versatile lawyer, qualities which allow him to work with celerity and competence in his files.


From the initial meeting to the last intervention in your file, Me Jalbert will dedicate himself to the safeguarding of your interests having at the forefront of his mind your complete and utter satisfaction. 


Me Jalbert's professional, academic, and community experiences have made him develop an adaptability and a legal-social awareness which impacts his legal work on a daily basis. Such awareness makes him take every step possible to minimize the cost of his services to clients. 


Aside from his private practice at JLA, Me Jalbert teached real estate law at a Professional training center in Quebec City. He was also on the Laval University Discipline Committee. 


In 2013, he was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his contribution to his community. 

Me Patrick Lamarre
Me Patrick Lamarre

Member of the Quebec Bar Association since 2011, Me Lamarre is a rigorous and conscientious lawyer who has at heart to find the optimal legal solution to the issues brought to his attention. With a marked attention for details and by constantly asked himself questions about the best strategy to adopt in the circumstances, Me Lamarre makes sure to give services which cover all aspects of the files and fulfill all the needs of his clients.


Before being called to the Bar, Me Patrick Lamarre has occupied many positions in the labor market which led him to have a strong concern for the situation of other people. As a result, he acquired a particular awareness for the difficulties to which others can be confronted in the diverse stages of their lives. 


In the legal world, Me Lamarre practiced in a Montreal law firm, as a court clerk at the Court of Appeal for Quebec, the highest court of the province of Quebec, and at the Legal information Office of Laval University. His various experiences allowed him to fully understand the importance of perseverance and of determination for a career in the legal field. 


Regarding translation, Me Lamarre started in that field in 2017 as a freelancer for a multinational company and for various clients of our firm. Since 2019, he is a certified translated by the Ordre Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ), which is the legal body who regulates translators in the province of Quebec. 


Me Lamarre holds a bachelor of political science (2008) and a bachelor of laws (2010) from Laval University, a Juris Doctor (2013 and a master of laws (2015) from Queen's University at Kingston, ON as well as a bachelor in translation from the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières (2018). 


Following the competion of his bachelor in policical science, Me Lamarre was awarded a Honorable Mention by Laval University. His name is also on the Laval University Faculty of Law Dean's Honor Roll. 

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