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Our Firm

At JLA, only one thing matters: the protection of your interests.  


To do so, according to the nature of your file, our firm will :


  • Identify with you your objectives; 

  • Evaluate the risks of your file;

  • Manage and prevent litigations;

  • Negociate, write, and customize your contracts; 

  • Determine the best strategy to pursue in order to attain your objectives;

  • Advise and assist you;

  • Offer you a continuous support.


Our interventions in your file will be carefully selected according to their efficiency and their conformity to a rigorous cost-benefit analysis. The suggested actions will be discussed with you beforehand in clear and simple language and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions.


This simple and efficient approach will include the following elements :


  • Taking into account all your needs and objectives; 

  • Putting in place customized and proportional solutions; 

  • Anticipating the consequences; 

  • Ensuring the coherence and efficacy of the suggested solutions. 


At JLA, we cultivate a close relationship with the clients so that we can offer them a continuous support in the evaluation and the resolution of their issues. Our actions are based on listening, comprehension, and conciliation  between the parties.


In summary, JLA aims to foster a relationship with clients which has devotion, rigor, transparency, and a constant and continuous attention to efficacy at its core, the whole with a view to creating a long-term partnership profitable to you.


Elaborate concrete and durable solutions to safeguard your rights at the lowest price possible. That is what the JLA law firm offers you.

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